Naturalist Art - Christmas 2015

Let's keep a good thing going. After Thanksgiving was over, I decided to keep the leftover florals from the table. No sense in throwing them away. I was sure I could do something else with them.  (read the previous post "Weed-Thingy Thanksgiving" to get the back story!)

Each year we cut down our Christmas tree in the National Forest (not to worry, we buy a permit!).  This year it was 22 degrees on tree cutting day. Since I am not a fan of being cold, I was rather agreeable this year as to which tree to cut. My stance was, "please just cut it down so I can get back in the car with Mimi's amazing hot cocoa." Sing "O, Christmas Tree" and "I'm a lumberjack" with gusto and a dash of hurry up!  


Ok, phew, trees are loaded (I got 4, because I'm crazy), let's go home and decorate". When we got home I thought, holy moly, this one for the living room is a wee-bit sparse. All that snow that was covering it really did hide the gaps. I mean, are there any branches and needles on this thing? This tree is giving charlie brown a run for his money.  I stared at it for a while. I walked away from it and thought "maybe it will grow more needles while I'm getting a glass of wine". Nope. Still very very sparse. Ok.....well, let's embrace it.

That's when I reached over to the bag of leftover florals from the Thanksgiving table. Aha! That gorgeous "weed-thingy". I bet it would look so pretty on the tree. And I have some berries left. I have those lovely long and narrow pine cones in the yard. So, I wired on the "weed-thingy" along with the dried berries and pinecones. At this point, there wasn't quite enough to fill up the tree. So I added a burlap ribbon garland (rather messy-like). I liked it. I really liked it. But I needed more "weed-thingy". So, a few days later, I went back to the area where I first spotted it along Sante Fe. I found a mother-load and snipped away. I came across a beautiful reddish-blue grass and cut that too. When I got back home I was thrilled! I added more and more weeds to the tree. And then I turned the prairie grass into a simple garland.

Turns out, side of the road weeds make beautiful Christmas decorations. As a result, I'm starting a "Naturalist Art Christmas Series". (at least that's the name for now until someone real-good with words can help me come up with a funner name) ;)  Each year, I will use several weeds and prairie grasses to decorate my Christmas tree and my home for the holidays. Since it is already a known fact that I have a love affair with tumbleweed, you can expect it to make an appearance at some point.  

Stick with me. This isn't just a December thing. Throughout the year I'll be posting interesting facts about weeds, grasses, decorating, as well as my own ponderings on finding value and beauty in the ordinary.

Merry Christmas!