The Irony of Home

Jessica's artwork is on display at Crave Denver now through mid-January. We are thrilled and hope you can join us for the Art Show on December 17th! Here's the story behind the art~ 


For Jessica, before moving here tumbleweed was a symbol of everything that was wrong with Colorado.  Her first visit to the state was during a drought which left her feeling that it was dry and dusty. She would joke with friends and family that any minute she expected “tumbleweed to roll by”. She loved life in New York City, especially it’s seemingly endless artistic, culinary, and cultural offerings.  She felt fully alive there.  

Despite her protests, she and her husband relocated to Colorado in the Summer of 2012.  In the coming year, she gave birth to her second child.  During labor she became very ill, and developed a pulmonary embolism that threatened her life and lead to further complications.  The following year was full of daily pain and difficulty.  However, as her body recovered, she began to see that there was more to her new surroundings than she once thought.   Through personal trial, she learned that things that on the surface which may appear unwanted can be shaped into things that are beautiful and bring meaning to life.  

The first collection, The Irony of Home is a testament to the artist’s journey through that challenging time and her personal discovery of life in Denver. Shaping the tumbleweed is a painful process that requires tremendous focus due to the barbed nature of her medium, however it produces a final piece that holds a natural flow and beauty, yet still remains wild and open to interpretation.

The second collection, Western Regency, merges natural Western elements, like tumbleweed and cactus with the excess, glitz and glamour of 1930’s Hollywood.  This collection represents Denver’s growing significance as a metropolitan city and cultural crossroads as well as the artist's gradual realization that her own innate abilities and vision can be blended with modern art and style.