Naturalist Art - Christmas 2015

Let's keep a good thing going. After Thanksgiving was over, I decided to keep the leftover florals from the table. No sense in throwing them away. I was sure I could do something else with them.  (read the previous post "Weed-Thingy Thanksgiving" to get the back story!)

Each year we cut down our Christmas tree in the National Forest (not to worry, we buy a permit!).  This year it was 22 degrees on tree cutting day. Since I am not a fan of being cold, I was rather agreeable this year as to which tree to cut. My stance was, "please just cut it down so I can get back in the car with Mimi's amazing hot cocoa." Sing "O, Christmas Tree" and "I'm a lumberjack" with gusto and a dash of hurry up!  


Ok, phew, trees are loaded (I got 4, because I'm crazy), let's go home and decorate". When we got home I thought, holy moly, this one for the living room is a wee-bit sparse. All that snow that was covering it really did hide the gaps. I mean, are there any branches and needles on this thing? This tree is giving charlie brown a run for his money.  I stared at it for a while. I walked away from it and thought "maybe it will grow more needles while I'm getting a glass of wine". Nope. Still very very sparse. Ok.....well, let's embrace it.

That's when I reached over to the bag of leftover florals from the Thanksgiving table. Aha! That gorgeous "weed-thingy". I bet it would look so pretty on the tree. And I have some berries left. I have those lovely long and narrow pine cones in the yard. So, I wired on the "weed-thingy" along with the dried berries and pinecones. At this point, there wasn't quite enough to fill up the tree. So I added a burlap ribbon garland (rather messy-like). I liked it. I really liked it. But I needed more "weed-thingy". So, a few days later, I went back to the area where I first spotted it along Sante Fe. I found a mother-load and snipped away. I came across a beautiful reddish-blue grass and cut that too. When I got back home I was thrilled! I added more and more weeds to the tree. And then I turned the prairie grass into a simple garland.

Turns out, side of the road weeds make beautiful Christmas decorations. As a result, I'm starting a "Naturalist Art Christmas Series". (at least that's the name for now until someone real-good with words can help me come up with a funner name) ;)  Each year, I will use several weeds and prairie grasses to decorate my Christmas tree and my home for the holidays. Since it is already a known fact that I have a love affair with tumbleweed, you can expect it to make an appearance at some point.  

Stick with me. This isn't just a December thing. Throughout the year I'll be posting interesting facts about weeds, grasses, decorating, as well as my own ponderings on finding value and beauty in the ordinary.

Merry Christmas! 

Weed-Thingy Thanksgiving


The day before Thanksgiving this year, the hubby and I packed up the kids and headed south to Mimi's house. I had already picked up some gorgeous greenery and berries from the wholesale market.  I decorate the Thanksgiving table each year and this time I wanted to do a simple "floral runner" down the center of the table. I liked what I had, but I knew that "something" was missing. "Something" usually means that I need to find a random plant from the side of the road. And voila! I spotted it as we drove south down Sante Fe toward (the dreaded) I-25.  I told Ryan that we HAD TO STOP to get that gorgeous weed-thingy. Of course, "weed-thingys" don't just grow everywhere so I kept my eyes peeled for more, ready at any moment to say "STOP THE CAR!".   That moment did not come. Baby boy cut his lip on who knows what random thing in the back seat. No chance to stop now. I was pretty sure that the Thanksgiving table would be missing something.   We arrived at Mimi's safe and sound. We enjoyed the night with homemade soup, and friends and family.


The next day, sweet girl and I made a pumpkin pie (from scratch with the scraped vanilla bean and everything - I am still beaming with pride).

Finally, we loaded into the car to head to Zia's house. That's where the Thanksgiving celebration would go down this year. By now the landscape was a frozen, snowy tundra. Even if the amazing "weed-thingy" was out there, it would be so snow-covered that I was doubtful I could find it. We were almost to Zia's when it happened. That blessed stretch of road where the snow had not managed overwhelm the landscape. There it was. A huge patch of "weed-thingy"!!!! STOP THE CAR!! The kids giggled. "What is it mommy?!! What did you find?!" Out I went a foot deep in snow, cutters in hand, ridiculous smile on my face. I came back to the car with this beautiful brown-ish, red weed. Sweet girl squealed. "That's soooo pretty, mommy!". "Yes, it is, babe. And it's going on our Thanksgiving table".



It was the perfect touch. I loved that it was just an old (*free*) weed from the side of the road. That's the thing - I really love taking something commonplace or unwanted and bringing out it's beauty. "See that old thing over there? It's going to shine. You don't know it yet, but just see what it can do!".  I identify with that on a personal level. I see (and seek) the value and beauty in what many think is just ordinary or maybe even unwanted.


 This arrangement was a quick "throw together" from all the leftover greenery, berries and weeds. 

This arrangement was a quick "throw together" from all the leftover greenery, berries and weeds. 

Spring, now, please!

Forget the winter blues! Let's bring spring early this year. It's time to simplify and de-clutter! Check out what's in the shop THIS WEEKEND to help you get a fresh, bright start to the new year.

I converted 2 narrow panel doors into chalkboards. Plenty of space for your schedule and to do list! I've got adorable clipboards - covered in paper or painted with chalkboard paint. Bright, cheery frames, shutters (use to display greeting cards!), kitchen towels. And check out the ADORABLE blue desk. The perfect spot to write cards, pay bills and organize! The feather paper is from Paper Source (and the gold arrow pull is soooo fab!)

My friend, Kaylie, brought in some fabulous finds too! Check them out... 

The Irony of Home

Jessica's artwork is on display at Crave Denver now through mid-January. We are thrilled and hope you can join us for the Art Show on December 17th! Here's the story behind the art~ 


For Jessica, before moving here tumbleweed was a symbol of everything that was wrong with Colorado.  Her first visit to the state was during a drought which left her feeling that it was dry and dusty. She would joke with friends and family that any minute she expected “tumbleweed to roll by”. She loved life in New York City, especially it’s seemingly endless artistic, culinary, and cultural offerings.  She felt fully alive there.  

Despite her protests, she and her husband relocated to Colorado in the Summer of 2012.  In the coming year, she gave birth to her second child.  During labor she became very ill, and developed a pulmonary embolism that threatened her life and lead to further complications.  The following year was full of daily pain and difficulty.  However, as her body recovered, she began to see that there was more to her new surroundings than she once thought.   Through personal trial, she learned that things that on the surface which may appear unwanted can be shaped into things that are beautiful and bring meaning to life.  

The first collection, The Irony of Home is a testament to the artist’s journey through that challenging time and her personal discovery of life in Denver. Shaping the tumbleweed is a painful process that requires tremendous focus due to the barbed nature of her medium, however it produces a final piece that holds a natural flow and beauty, yet still remains wild and open to interpretation.

The second collection, Western Regency, merges natural Western elements, like tumbleweed and cactus with the excess, glitz and glamour of 1930’s Hollywood.  This collection represents Denver’s growing significance as a metropolitan city and cultural crossroads as well as the artist's gradual realization that her own innate abilities and vision can be blended with modern art and style.


Vintage Finds - December 2014

Check out what's in our shop at the Checkered Corner this month. The Checkered Corner is a once-a-month vintage/upcycled marketplace located in historic downtown Littleton. It's darling and you MUST go if you haven't already. You will become addicted. Trust us! The Pickletown Creative space within the shop is located UPSTAIRS in the back. Here's what we've got this month ~ December 2014.

The shop is located at 5650 S. Curtice St. just off of Main St.  

Next open weekend is December 11-14th! 

Hours are THURS & FRI 10AM-6PM  + SAT & SUN 10AM-4PM


Styling to Sell

For this project the client was looking to update and style his home in preparation for listing on the market. The goal was to blend his current furnishings and decor with a few updated pieces in order to give the home a fresh, more contemporary aesthetic.  Paint and new lighting were the major updates, while decor and furniture purchases were kept to a minimum. Re-using what he had was key in this makeover. In addition, pairing down and reducing clutter was a major focus in order to appeal to prospective buyers. See the results below! 

BEFORE                                                                                     AFTER

Fall Wreath Workshop

It's officially Fall! Bust out the jackets, scarves and pumpkins!! We held a Fall Wreath Workshop recently and, wow, these ladies turned out some very pretty and creative wreaths. In the Pickletown Creative style, we provided natural elements such as pinecones, grapevine wreaths, honeysuckle vine, broom corn, flowers (realistic looking!) and many other beautiful supplies. Once the demonstration was completed, the attendees took off creating their own wreaths. Each was unique and fabulous! Check out all of the pictures below.