Pickletown Creative is a design firm offering event and floral design, interior styling services and vintage goods. Our aesthetic is graceful and natural with a vintage-modern twist. Whether you are planning an intimate holiday party or looking to redesign your home, Pickletown Creative will guide you through the process and create a design that reflects you and who you are.

Our Story


Jessica Sparzak, the owner of Pickletown Creative,  was one of those little girls who was always making spaces around her more beautiful.  Her own bedroom and those of her family and friends were her canvas.  She didn't realize till her twenties that she was a designer and artist at heart. It took moving to New York City to show her that she loved art and design, but even more so bringing that creative beauty into the lives of the average person.  It started with a membership to the Museum of Modern Art and regular visits to local galleries. There she was exposed to incredible artistic talent and creative genius.  A passion was lit to bring that same art and beauty into a person’s everyday life, blend it with their own style and make it work in the space in which they live (In NYC that would often mean a 400 square foot apartment) Toward the end of her time in NYC, she began exploring the art of floral design and the use of natural elements that is the focus of much her work today.

Jessica now lives and works in the Denver area, specifically Littleton, with her husband and her two children. She and her husband  found a small farmhouse in town, in an area that was formerly known as Pickletown. The residents that lived here at the turn of the century were farmers that supplied pickles, and other produce to the local markets and community.  It was and is a small community of people that really care for each other.   For the Sparzak's, already sentimental people, this history fit them perfectly.  They want to bring back the pickle-making and plan to do so on their 1/2 acre homestead.  In the midst their busy life, Jessica and her husband treasure things that are homemade, natural, honest, and shared. Jessica hopes to bring this homegrown, natural and genuine aesthetic to her clients and the places in which they live.